Certification of translations and apostilles


  • Certification of our translations with office stamps comes FREE of charge.
  • Re-certification of each of our translations with the stamps of the office costs 2 EUR.
  • Transcript of a document (notarization of the authenticity of a one-page copy of a document by a notary) –  2.50 EUR.
  • Certification of the signature of a translator for one document at a notary public’s office – 5 EUR .
  • We can usually have translations notarized within one business day.
  • Important information: notaries certify translations bound only to notarized copies of documents or to originals.
  • The cost of the apostille (legalization) is 20 EUR.
  • At the request of Polish notaries and the Migration Department, we certify translations into Polish with the signatures and stamps of sworn Polish translators. The cost of certification depends on the volume of the translated document.

Payment methods:

You can pay by bank transfer or in cash at our office.