Certification of translations


  • translation agency verification of the translations performed by Aloritus is FREE
  • legalisation of documents, Apostille
  • translation verification at the Notary Office in 1-2 working days
  • every additional office verification of our translation – 2 EUR
  • Document copy (verified Notary copy of 1 page of the document) – 2.50 EUR
  • Notary certification of the signature of a translator on one document– 5 EUR
  • Important information: notary public verifies translations only bound to verified copies or the original documents
  • Legalisation – Apostille of the documents translated by our company into English IS FREE. Price of the Apostille – 15 EUR
  • On request of Polish notary public or the Migration Department, we certify translations into Polish with signatures and stamps of Polish sworn translators. The cost of approval depends on the document being translated
  • For those traveling to Italy, translations of documents are performed by our translators certified by the Italian Embassy. Confirmation costs 10 EUR

Payment methods:

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer but we also accept payments in cash at our office.