From 8 EUR

ALORITUS provides high quality translations in over 30 languages, including all the major languages of the world, at competitive rates.
Only the experienced, qualified and responsible translators carry out translations of all kinds from / into 32 languages both in pairs with Lithuanian language, as well as in Russian, Ukrainian and other languages. The lowest prices are applicable to simple texts that do not require specific (medical, technical) knowledge: company incorporation documents, contracts, statements, protocols, powers of attorney, financial statements, etc. We make sure that all the translations and other information transmitted by the customer would be treated with complete confidentiality.

A standard page of translation and editing is considered to have 1,600 characters without spaces, or approximately 250 words. If your document is in Microsoft Word format, you can calculate the number of characters yourself by going to the Review > Word Count menu.

We make sure the layout of our translations corresponds to the original document either on paper or electronic format (pdf format, for example).

We recommend that you place your order at least a few days in advance. Our response time is usually less than 30 minutes during regular business hours; during the weekend, our response time is about 24 hours.

Payment methods:

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer but we also accept payments in cash at our office.